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About Us

Area 10 Labs advances and develops technologies that enhance human capabilities by fusing humans with computing, neuroscience, engineering, and physics. Our team builds upon their multidisciplinary expertise and includes former military personnel and government employees. This provides a strategic advantage by enabling us to understand the technical and contractual requirements of complex projects.

Area 10 Labs has the unique ability to bring a project from a conceptual model to a completed project. The team’s technical and managerial expertise enables this to be accomplished in-house, on budget, and on time.

Our belief that building such business relationships and partnerships provides employees with a rewarding work experience that ultimately maximizes their contributions and enables the company to deliver the best end product possible.

Area 10 Labs has been widely recognized as a leader in the high tech industry through winning prestigious national and local awards. We also pride ourselves in being active members of our community and give back through various philanthropic and outreach efforts. Remaining a research and development company, we move the technologies we develop through licensing and spin-off companies.