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Our company is focused on building products that you've never seen before.

Area 10 Labs (formerly known as Archinoetics) is a research and development company that transforms our clients’ product ideas into reality. Our clients are thought leaders who are thinking far into the future about products that stretch the bounds of what is possible.

Our services


With expertise in systems engineering and a wide variety of programming languages, our software team creates applications for most any device or application


We have the experience and capability to build what the product demands for the environment it needs.


From first principles to integrating off-the-shelf components, we have the capability to create your sensor and get it ready for production

Product Development

What is a good prototype if you can't make it into a product? We have a proven track record of making products manufacturable at market-ready production scales.

Embedded Intelligence

We have the ability to create solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning and embed that intelligence into the product.

Sensor Interface Development

We have expertise in developing mobile and web applications that interface with many different forms of low-power wireless sensors and devices.

Project Portfolio