Mixed Reality: A Virtual Reality Hybrid

Mixed Reality: A Virtual Reality Hybrid

Mixed Reality is a relatively new technology that is the result of blending the physical world with the digital world. It’s a hybrid reality that allows physical and virtual objects to coexist and interact in real-time.

What used to be restricted only to our imaginations is unlocked with the potential of mixed reality technology.


In-Game Camera + Real-World Camera = Mixed Reality

The key difference between virtual reality and mixed reality is that in virtual reality you alone are immersed in a simulated environment. What you see, you see; what you hear, you hear. It’s main limitation is the experience can not be shared with others. Especially those in the same room as you.


However, this is where mixed reality provides the ability to create environments that can be shared and seen by others not wearing a virtual reality headset. Some systems like Microsoft HoloLens, are figuring out ways to create environments where everyone wearing the HoloLens in one room can see the same virtual world.

The idea of mixed reality is allowing other people to see the virtual world and more importantly how you are interacting with it.


Applications For Mixed Reality

While the area of mixed reality is still new, the possibilities of various applications are very promising. There are a few applications of mixed reality that we see great potential in.

Education: Using mixed reality in an educational application would allow an instructor to see how someone interacts in a completely foreign space. For example, a simulated mixed reality surgery setting, where a student could practice different techniques and the instructor could be outside the virtual world monitoring the student’s progress and application.

Training: Mixed reality in a training application takes training videos and simulators to a higher power. Imagine being able to train someone by watching and observing them as they move through a virtual environment. This amplifies the training experience, giving people the ability to gain virtual opportunities to practice for job requirements, certifications, tests, etc.

Therapy: Another fascinating area that could benefit from virtual reality and mixed reality is therapy services. By creating ways to conduct therapy through virtual environments for patient rehabilitation or physical therapies opens up a world of possibilities for physical therapists to work with their patients.

Mixed reality is changing the virtual reality landscape and opening doors that we never knew existed.

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